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22 October 2014 @ 07:09 am
Yuletide Letter  
Dear Yuletide Author,

I’m so glad to learn we share a taste in fandoms! I’m so eager to read what you come up with because I know it will be amazing. Thank you for taking the time to read over my letter, and of, course, write a story for me.

If you’re curious, I'm diadelphous on tumblr and AO3. My LJ’s pretty locked down at this point.

My letter did get a tad long, but please don’t feel obligated to use these prompts if none of them work for you. I’m just excited at the thought of reading fic with these canons and characters!


Shipping-wise, I’m open to anything: Het, slash, femslash, threesomes/moresomes, and gen are all fine. I listed some of my preferences for each fandom in the prompts.

My favorite stories focus on characterization and the relationships between the characters against the backdrop of a strong genre plot—I LOVE plotty fics and I’m particularly fond of mystery, suspense, adventure, and espionage.

I’m not particularly concerned about nitpicky canon details or canon compliance as long as the characters are IC, so feel free to shift around timelines and bring back characters from the dead if you need to make the story work.

Yes! Plottiness. Canon-divergent AUs that ask – and answer! – what-if questions, or that introduce unusual elements to the already established canon. Angst-tinged romance. Bittersweetness. Quirkiness. Ambience, atmosphere, and evocative settings. Happily-for-now endings. Moral ambiguity.

No! Rape, non-con, or other sexual violence. Underage. True incest. Scat. Major character death. AUs in which the characters are completely removed from the established setting. PWPs. Issuefic. I don’t care for character studies.

Maybe! I’m fine with plot-necessary violence and gore as long as it’s not overly cruel or sadistic. I also don’t want long, loving descriptions of any act of violence. I like sex scenes as long as they don’t interrupt the narrative drive of the story. I’m generally fine with dub-con, especially if it’s more con than dub.

Generally I don’t want crossovers; however, I do have some exceptions, which I note on the individual fandoms.


Fandom No. 1: Millennium
Characters: Frank Black, Jordan Black, Catherine Black, Emma Hollis (you can choose any combination of characters)

Millennium is the other show by Chris Carter. It aired in the late ‘90s and combined serial killers, the apocalypse, conspiracies, and Lance Henriksen into a delicious television stew.

What I love most about Millennium is the way it captures the paranoid end-of-days feel that was hanging around during the end of the twentieth century. The supernatural elements are much more subtle than in the X-Files, but they create an overall sense of eerie dread that I find simply fantastic. I also love how complex and richly drawn the characters are, and how the intricacies of their relationships are beautifully explored. Any fic that touches on either of those elements—eerie apocalypse stuff or complex character work—would be amazing!

1. AU that assumes the second season ended with the actual apocalypse. I’d love a fic that explores Frank and Jordan’s time together as they navigate the post-apocalyptic world, The Road-style. What role does the Millennium Group play now that the end has come? How does Frank deal with Catherine’s death while fighting for his and Jordan’s survival? Feel free to bring in any characters you’d like; I love Emma and would be happy to see her incorporated into this scenario.

2. Jordan as an adult, dealing with having inherited her father’s abilities. What career path has she taken? What’s her relationship with Frank like? Does she have any ties to the Millennium Group?

3. Case fic is always appreciated with this fandom. I prefer mysteries that traffic in the supernatural to some degree—although how supernatural you want to make the case is up to you. I’d particularly love to see Frank working closely with either Emma or Catherine to solve the mystery. Finally, this prompt option is one exception to my “no-crossover” preference, as I’d enjoy seeing Frank working his way through any of these universes: Hannibal, Dexter, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham

Fandom No. 2: Aliens
Characters: Ellen Ripley, Bishop, Jenette Vasquez (you can choose any combination of characters)

Does Aliens really need an introduction? It’s the best film in one of the greatest science fiction franchises of all time!

I think what love most about Aliens is how real all the characters feel: they are complex, flawed, and even the redshirt marine characters seem like they’ve dropped into the action from a larger story. I also love how Cameron took the relatively simple premise of the first film and fleshed it out into a wide-reaching mythology. Some things I love about this fandom that I’d like to see explored in fics include Weyland-Yutani’s scheming, the place of synthetics in society, and general space opera badassery. Pairing-wise I like Bishop/Vasquez, Ripley/Bishop, and Ripley/Vasquez.

1. Post-movie fix-it with a strong plot, lots of action, and a kickass space opera feel. I’d especially love it if you kept Vasquez around.

2. Vasquez and Bishop working together in some capacity — either a pre-movie mission or an AU where Vasquez survives. I would especially love something where Vasquez has to save Bishop in some capacity.

3. A bit of worldbuilding fic would be cool, particularly if it explores Weyland-Yutani and their plans for Earth, the solar system, the galaxy in general. I’d love something that looks at how Weyland-Yutani makes use of synthetics within their corporate structure.

Fandom No. 3: Deadpool
Characters: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Emily Preston, Eleanor Comacho, Shik’lah (you can choose any combination of characters)

Deadpool is the wacky, fourth-wall breaking anti-heroish hero from the Marvel Universe. You may know him from all the Deadpool cosplayers trying to out-Deadpool each other at conventions.

Honestly, as much as Deadpool has a reputation for being wacky and hilarious, what I really love about the character is the darkness in his backstory, and the way his humor is a way of coping with some pretty intense tragedies. The latest Deadpool run captures some of things I love the most about the character. In any given issue I’ll be laughing on one page and then tearing up on the next. The current series has also allowed him to develop relationships with some pretty badass women, and I love the layers of complexity present in them. Pairing wise I like Deadpool/Shiklah and Shiklah/Emily. I’d prefer no Spideypool for this exchange, though.

1. Deadpool and Shiklah settling down in Shiklah’s underground demon kingdom. I’d love it if Eleanor comes and lives with them and wins over Shiklah’s heart, and I’d especially love it if Shiklah and Eleanor team up for awesome shenanigans.

2. Another exception to my “no-crossover” preference: Wade (and Emily and Shiklah if you’d like to include them) get hired to clear out the xenomorph infestation at Hadley’s Hope. Feel free to bring in any of the characters from Aliens, even if I didn’t necessarily request them here!

3. [SPOILERS] It was revealed recently that Eleanor has mutant powers of some sort. I’d love a story that explores what those powers might be, how they’d develop, and what she’d do with them.

4. Finally, I always love a good case fic. Any combination of Wade, Emily, and Shiklah, or even an older Eleanor, working on some kind of mission would be wonderful.

And that's it! Thanks so much for reading through my letter.